Acrylic nails

With over 200 designer tips, more than 200 colored powders, and more than 500 gelish colors, we offer you the best selection in Walla Walla….

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Mani & Pedi

Our pedicure chairs are top of the line with Human touch back massager and advanced pipe less jet technology….

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We have both UV and spray tanning to meet your need!  From traditional tanning to start of the art, from bed to booth, ….

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Our waxing services will leave your body smooth and soft. Whether you need an eyebrow wax, leg, arm, lip, chin, underarm, chest, back,…

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Whether you need pain relief, relaxation or a combination of both, our state of the art massaging machines will satisfy your needs….

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Nails Gallery

Our licensed nail techs have been special trained to create nail designs customized to your individual need….

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A customized facial tailored for your specific needs. Using advanced skin care products: Shiseido (Japan), CC Cream ,…

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Eyelash extensions

Eyelash Extensions are natural-looking, synthetic eyelashes applied one by one to each individual natural lash,…

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Special Discount

“Tanning Special On Sale Now!

buy 1 month, Get 1 month 1/2 OFF!”

Level of the tanning machine is determined by the amount of UV rays produced by the machine.  The higher level of the tanning machines produce more UV rays than the lower level tanning machines.
Level 2/ Month
Option 1: Tanning 1 day, Off 1 day $50
Option 2: Tanning 2 day, Off 1 day $60
Option 3: Tanning 3 day, Off 1 day $70
Level 3/ Month
Option 1: Tanning 1 day, Off 1 day $70
Option 2: Tanning 2 day, Off 1 day $80
Option 3: Tanning 3 day, Off 1 day $90
Level 5/ Month
Option 1: Tanning 1 day, Off 2 days $100
Option 2: Tanning 1 day, Off 1 day $120
Level 2 (Sessions) Level 3 (Sessions) Level 5 (Sessions)
$7/ 1 session $10/ 1 session $17/ 1 session
$33/ 5 sessions $45/ 5 sessions $75/ 5 sessions
$60/ 10 sessions $80/ 10 sessions $130/ 10 sessions
$110/ 20 sessions $140/ 20 sessions $220/ 20 sessions

Affiliate Business

Hua Mongolian Grill

At the BEST Mongolian Grill Restaurant in the State of Washington, come experience fine traditional cooking, a fun entertaining atmosphere, and GREAT dinning. The food is cooked  fresh for every meal. You pick what you want to eat from more than 30 choices of fresh vegetables, beef, pork, and chicken, (add tofu, calamari, crab, snow peas (seasonal)). Custom make your own sauce (we have hints for beginners). Slide your meal to the CHEF at the grill and in moments your delicious food will jump off of the grill, into your bowl. It is Fast. In most instances, customers can be in and out for less than thirty minutes. For you heath minded folks, The Mongolian cooking method uses no oil. Vegetarians are welcome. A few turns on the searing hot grill, and voila, a great tasting healthy meal. Meals start at $7.99 for adult and $3.49 for kids. Rice and dessert come with all meals. Enjoy.






At Serenity Day Spa of Walla Walla, I personally answer your questions and ensure you are 100% satisfied. Thank you. T. Hua,



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